Hi guys! It’s Sophia, Leader of the Day, for fun day! Today we had the great opportunity to travel to Pico de Garza! This is one of the tourist islands in Lake Granada. We took a boat ride to arrive at the island to do a variety of activities. We got to swim in the lake and hang out on the floating dock, swim in the pools, relax in hammocks, kayak, paddle boats, or play soccer and volleyball. We had lunch there which was either burgers, chicken nuggets, or pasta. We were there for most of the day to have a fun day and get to know each other better before our big CAP project.  We got back to the hostel around 4:00pm to get ready for dinner and English Tutoring. Dinner was at La Favorita where we also got to meet and talk to the delegation from New York. A few dance moves might have come out at dinner also. English Tutoring is getting better each day for all of us. We are even making handshakes with some of the students! Getting to be the Leader of the Day on Fun Day taught me a great deal of responsibilities such as reminding everyone to apply sunscreen and bug spray and to drink lots of water. One week done! One to go! See you guys soon Mom, Dad, Isabelle, and Tayto! Miss you guys!