Today was a very fun and interesting day. We took a field trip to Banos De Agua Santa. The view was beyond beautiful. Thanks to Isabel, we had a well prepared breakfast and were ready for the long bus ride to Banos. I was surprised by the scenery. It felt as if we were in the clouds and the view just kept getting better. I learned that responsibility played such an important role today as it does any other day. Being a leader today pushed me to take initiative and to enjoy myself while also being aware of everything around me. I was extremely proud that the Glimpses were able to make this fun day into such a memorable experience. I appreciated that everyone was responsible and that we had a great day. I really enjoyed being leader of the day. I say this because of how much fun I had. I went shopping with friends while others took a hike. We all enjoyed ourselves and for that, I can call this day very successful. We were all responsible while having a great time. Today I learned that I can count on every one of the Glimpsers. We made the best out of our fun day and I didn’t expect anything less.

Big love to you all!