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Hey guys it’s Anna and Karly! (Sorry in advance for the drama, Karly has read one too many Sci-Fi books in the past week)

We started our day at the beautiful Villa Del Rey. We had a big breakfast of cereal, toast, eggs, and fruit. Then, we began our treacherous (15-minute) journey to the breathtaking Caribbean ocean. We spent the morning on the beautiful shores of Playa Hemmingway. We bought jewelry from local vendors, collected rocks and shells, and floated in the clear, spectacular water. After we were thoroughly exhausted and sunburned, we started walking back to the villa. Once we got there we enjoyed a filling lunch of rice, beans, plantains, chicken/eggplant, and salad. After that, we packed up our things and got on the bus with Rudy for the ride of our lives.

We left Villa Del Rey around 2 pm, and there was blissful driving and napping for 2-3 hours. Then, we stopped at a wonderful little gas station. They had snacks, drinks, and everything you could ever dream of. We left the gas station with empty bladders and full bags of snacks – which we happily shared throughout our journey. We were back on the road, driving up the most gorgeous scenic road until we encountered a precarious situation. We come to a dead stop, shouts emerge from the crowd, and a look of panic flies over the faces of 27 woeful travelers. The road was blocked, due to workers accidentally spilling asphalt on the road. An avocado fell from the sky, while some of our travelers were betting on our doom. Then, after 30 minutes of sitting on the side of the road giggling away the insanity, we were able to continue on our journey. The next few hours were filled with charismatic karaoke, more napping, and card games. Finally, at 7 pm, we managed to stumble our way back to Dilenia’s. (Disclaimer: no one was hurt throughout this journey and in the making of this paragraph.)

After a wild day of adrenaline pumping through our veins, we were ready for dinner. But alas, dinner was not ready for us. About an hour later we enjoyed the lovely cooking of Dilenia; chicken tenders, french fries, and plantains. To finish our day, we met in our wonderful common room for our nightly meeting, in which we revisited what we did today, shared some love and appreciation, and passed the torch to tomorrow’s leaders. Before going to bed, we enjoyed some Cheetos puffs and Uno. We all look forward to starting work on our CAP (community action project) tomorrow morning.



Thanks for reading, hope you all are doing well πŸ™‚

–Β  Karly and Anna