Hola to all readers! Everyday has been an amazing day and today was no exception.

I was honored to be ELDD of today’s fun day. Wake up call was at 6:00am (accidentally woke up Noel at 5:00am 😌). Everyone was able to get ready for breakfast and we had French toast with fruits. With what I noticed, all the students happily ate the delicious food that was carefully prepared by the Hostal El Ray staff. At 7:30am, the private bus arrived in front of our hostel and soon we were off to our fun day destination, Catarina. Although the bus ride took about 2 hours and 30 minutes, the bonds with each other were definitely strengthened through telling jokes and listening to music that we all enjoyed.

After the long drive down south, we reached the lovely location of Catarina. With first glance, I noticed that this place was a very popular tourist attraction. The entrance of the little tourist spot was filled with cute, and tiny souvenir shops. They had unique merchandises, from knitted bags, painted cups, and t-shirts to machetes, you name it, they got it. That all led to the amazing cliff that towered over the lovely lagoon. What a breathtaking view it was. I definitely recommend anyone who loves to travel to come explore this unique place in Nicaragua.

After 45 minutes of buying souvenirs for family and friends, it was time to go down to the lagoon of Catarina. With an additional 30 minute bus drive, we headed to the lovely resort called “Monkey Hut.” Despite the resort not living up to its name, it was a very nice place to hang out with all my friends. Lush, green tress surrounded the whole spot and that was what captured my attention the most. Around 12pm, lunch was served and the majority of us ordered the nachos, burgers, or pasta. Lunch was amazing and soon after that, everyone got ready to have some fun in the water, having water fights and going kayaking in the warm water as well as taking photos were definitely enjoyed in the lovely weather.

As 2 hours passed within a blink of an eye, everyone quickly ordered a refreshing glass bottle of soda as they soon rushed back to the bus. The long bus ride back to Matagalpa was very tiring as everyone was burnt out from the long day at Catarina. We arrived back at Hostal El Ray at around 6:30pm and quickly washed ourselves to get ready for dinner. The hostal staff served us a chicken stew with bananas on the side. Yeah… definitely an interesting combination but hey, it worked. After that, I delivered the nightly meeting and passed the torch to tomorrow’s ELDD. Well… now I’m now writing this blog and reflecting on another memorable day in Nicaragua. Just 3 more days until we go back home… I’m not ready to leave. 😭😭😭

Good Night!!!

Ay its another wonderful day in Nicaragua,
Going down south to Catarina.
Warm water and the air filled with a cool breeze,
The lagoon was filled with luscious trees.
Laughter and happiness in the air as we went in the water for a dip,
Man, memories were made on this life-changing trip.