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Today was our first Fun Day here in Constanza. We started off our day by waking up at six. The Glimpsers and I had breakfast at Dilenia’s and soon after, our Ambassadors and Peace Corps member, Scott arrived. We were divided off into two safari trucks to travel to Aguas Blancas in a town called Valle Nuevo and the whole way there we took in the scenery and traded jokes and riddles with our tour guide. He was only eleven years old and he all seemed like a little brother to everyone, which I’m sure we all took to heart. When he was pointing out certain things during the ride there, we all noticed how dirty the roads were. There was trash everywhere and really made us all reflect on the question of the day about environmental protection. Eventually, we arrived to Aguas Blancas. The Glimpsers all took a moment to take in the beautiful waterfall and eventually test out the water. It was super cold! But nearly everyone went in. I really think we all demonstrated the three C’s (Courage, Commitment, and Compassion) during our trip to Aguas Blancas, and I’m ecstatic and very proud of my trip members.

After toweling off, we took the two hour ride back down to Dilenia’s and ate lunch before heading to Hotel Alto Cerro. We went around the back and were greeted with the beautiful view of an open field, completed with soccer goals, a playground, a gazebo, and many other amazing things. During the hour and a half spent there, we all kicked back and relaxed, something we all needed. We enjoyed cookies and soda under the gazebo while Camilo told a new riddle. We then boarded the bus and headed back to Dilenia’s to prepare for English Tutoring.

After reviewing the lesson plan with my partner, Freddy, and my Ambassador, we headed off to the school. Initially, I was dreading the session because we started late but as more time passed, I found myself enjoying the lesson and how into the kids were getting into it. They’re really bright kids and I commend them for having a desire to learn a completely new language and wanting to better themselves. I also felt really proud of my partner because he was talking to the kids one on one and being really friendly but also staying on track with the lesson.

Being leader of the day was actually challenging for me. They really do want you to take control of the day. I guess I was so used to someone else being leader of the day that I lacked in other departments. However, I’m glad because the leader of the day provides the energy and I’m also glad that I was able to feed off other people’s energy. This was a learning experience for me and something that I’m going to take to mind and heart.