Well, today was different. The day started out at 6:45 in the AM with Carson and I waking up everyone. Waking up 8 of the girls though was very funny since 7 of them hid in a small shower stall as Carson and I knocked on their doors for a solid 5 minutes. Then they popped out laughing like hyenas. Next, we preceded to consume a 🔥 breakfast then we drove off to the Chimborazo area for the FUN DAY!!! We took some pictures at a couple of spots then drove off to our last stop of our FUN DAY!!! on Chimborazo🌋. We hiked to a forest at 13,000 feet above sea level and took more pictures. Some of the glimpsers that have not experienced a hike before persevered through the elevation, and the rain that started on the way back. But still the group had a ton of fun. We had a 🔥 lunch then came back to the hostel to have free time. One group during free time went down the street to a bakery and corner store for bagels and snacks. “But alas, bagels they were not” -Carson, as there were no bagels at said bakery. Instead we settled on 💥 bread. Next was dinner and the nightly meeting which were both very entertaining. Today we learned the importance of layering up and being prepared along with pushing one another past a comfort zone to grow as leaders and as people. (And the importance of being earnest. Once again this one is on Carson)



The things that surprised us the most today were; how good we are at singing on the bus during the trips, how tight we have become as a unit. “We are no longer separate schools we are Riobamba 1A.” -Danielle. Finally, the hills are alive with the sound of leadership. (props to anyone who knows what movie that quote is from. Please comment!!!)

Today, we were most proud of ourselves and our peers with how they handled the weather, the altitude, and the long and bumpy bus rides. Being El Lider Del Dia was an extravagant experience, the day was different then the days of the past, the little moments had the biggest impacts. The vastness of the mountainous terrain inspired awe in the minds of both the ELDDs and the Fellow glimpsers. (This is all Carson)



Finally, we learned that inspiration doesn’t always come from an external force, #Bars *Drops the mic*
BTW— shoutout to everyone’s mom.