Thai and Esther here! Today was Fun Day here in Ecuador, since people have been working so hard on their CAP projects and we all needed a break. So, we headed to Baños! Baños was great! We saw all sorts of cool mountains, including volcan tungurahua (see the pics below!) on the long bus ride there and back. We went there to go to the Pailón del Diablo, where we saw the amazing waterfalls. We took a long walk on stairs along the mountain that overlooked the Pailón del Diablo, and crossed suspension bridges high above the canyon. Many faced their fears of heights crossing them (not including us, though). Eventually, we reached the end of the mountain stairway and got wet under waterfall that fed into the Pailón.

We made a quick stop at the markets in Baños to buy some souvenirs. Hopefully, your glimpser picked one up for you! (Fingers crossed!) After that, we had lunch at the restaurant Leprechaun. Sadly, we did not see a single leprechaun or eat anything Irish. (Thai speaking, my table had a lot of fun and goofs, especially Isaiah!) On the bus ride back home, we sang a lot of karaoke to pass 2+ hour bus ride back to Riobamba for dinner. We had Mexican food at Lina. It tasted scrumptious.

Being LDD was a unique experience. Not as bad as we thought it would be, since the group is very close knit and understanding. We were very persistent in reminding people to drink water. We also made sure toilet paper was readily available for glimpsers during the trip. We were told we’re pretty relaxed and worked well together, and that it helped the glimpsers stay relaxed in turn. The hardest part was having to wake up way earlier than others, and got a lot of hate for having to wake people up an hour earlier than usual today (it’s all love though hehe). In all, we were able to make Fun Day a fun day as promised by the name. We passed the LDD touch to Neissa and Rebecca, we all learnt some Haitian Creole words from their talent show.

Bonne nuit!

-Thai and Esther

Shoutout to my sissy Lizzy, I got you a very cute llama keychain:)- Esther

Shoutout to my dad. -Thai