This morning, we had a wake up call at 6:00 so that we could all get ready to go to the Somoto Canyon here in Nicaragua. We headed out at about 7:00, and we ate our hearty breakfasts on the way to the canyon. On the way to the canyon, we picked up firefighters and tour guides that helped to make sure our adventure was safe. We also picked up our life jackets for our water portion of the trip. Once we arrived to the canyon, we began an intense hike through beautiful wild life. Although the hike was difficult, each glimpser made sure to help eachother all the way to the end.

When we got to the river in the canyon, each glimpser put on their life jacket and began to make the journey through the rocks and crashing waters. We were all suprised by how challenging the journey was, but we all made sure to watch out for one another and no one was left behind. Once we made it through challenging waters, we were able to swim through the calm and relaxing river. Eventually, we made it to a cliff where glimpsers jumped one by one into the water. Although many were afraid to jump, we all made the jump and were very proud for that accomplishment. After the jump, we took boats to shore and walked a short distanse back to the bus. For lunch, we ate at a delicious buffet. The food was trully amazing.  Finally, we started back to our hostel with a two hour drive back to Esteli.

Our trip to Somoto Canyon really helped to deepen an appreciation for nature and all of its beauty. Each glimpser truly enjoyed the oppurtunity to grow with one another and to become more of a family unit. It is definetly an experience we will never forget!

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