Hey guys! Its Alessia😆💌

Its day six and we are starving and dehydrated … JK 😂  They feed us plenty! Actually, more like overfeed us with their amazing delicious food. And yes, it is REALLY HOT here. I’ve never drank this much water in a day let alone a week. My experience here so far has been LIFE CHANGING, I can’t really explain in words… but I always say that I am blessed and being on this trip made the word “blessed“ have a whole new meaning at a different level. Getting to see all the people, how they live, and being a teacher for over 40 students, has been such a great experience. It made me see how blessed I am. Teaching the people over here inspired me and made me realize how much I want to learn Spanish to come back and be a teacher. Okay, I’ll stop talking about the past few days and start talking about what we did today.

Today, I was the leader of the day. It was an interesting experience since we have such a large group of people, but I made it out alive. 😂  I was assigned Fun Day!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.22.40 PM

We got to take a bus to the Matas Club that had two big swimming pools, an outdoor room with a bunch of pool tables, a field, some basketball courts, and peacocks. I was at the pool tables all day though haha. We got to eat a huge meal (like always) at Matas Club. I got to sit next to a youth ambassador from the DR on the bus and got to know more about him and his life as a clown in the DR. There were also two sisters from the DR that are youth ambassadors and we got to share with each other our different life styles and got to plan some future trips together.😆

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Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.22.55 PM

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Its currently 10:05 PM and I am extremely tired from our long day and the heat, haha.😂 Miss and love my family !!! 💋<3 Its been a great trip so far and I’m looking forward to coming back home, but I am really loving it here in the DR. I’m excited to be going to a local village tomorrow to help and learn about their daily routines. Oh, and I also teach my second class! xD Goodnight everyone, make sure you pray and thank God for everything you have and for being so blessed to have so many extra things in life that others don’t have.