Today, Sunday, was the FUN day. We explored how Nicaragua was different from the US in terms of environmental awareness and how we as global citizens could further increase environmental awareness. We began our short journey with a breakfast of pancakes (Whoo!!) and a private bus trip to the coast of Leon. First, we went on a mangrove tour. The tour guide explained to us that there were projects in Nicaragua to spread environmental awareness through clubs in school, and inviting foreigners and natives to work together to try and save the endangered tortugas (turtles). The more we are connected and work together; we might be able to do something sincerely amazing. That is why, as citizens of the world, we realized that our efforts are not in vain, that “99 is not 100,” therefore, each vote, opinion, or effort counts in the world. The tour itself showed us the importance of mangroves on society.

Being the ELDD was a refreshing experience. I was able to show myself in a different way. I’d say it brought me a little closer to finding out who I am and that I could be a leader in my own way. Although at first I wasn’t too confident in myself, by being a leader, and doing what I did best, I was able to grow in my skills as a leader. Through caring, supporting, and protecting my peers around me, I was able to show what type of leader I am.