FUN day!

(F) is for friends who do stuff together…

(U) is for Unity…

(N) is for for anywhere and anytime at all here in Costa Rica! Word to SpongeBob

So for today, we all participated in FUN day. FUN day started with a super rainy experience to what eventually turned out to be a very successful day. Yet, we had a super late start than what we’ve been used to where we woke up at 8 a.m. and got prepared for breakfast that started at 8:30 a.m. The breakfast, prepared by Diego was extremely filling and reminiscent of home with pancakes, maple syrup, eggs, watermelon, and pineapple. After breakfast, everyone chilled around the compound where some were stacking each other with +2 and +4 UNO cards and others were collecting 9 or more books in several games of spades. Before lunch that started around 12 p.m., some of us decided to hop in the pool since the rain had let up and it was pretty warm. For lunch, everyone made an assembly line and made themselves ham, chicken, and/or turkey sandwiches along with cheese quesadillas (thanks to Joanna and Sam for those!), pineapples, and a lot of juice!

Afterwords we all got ready and took a short bus trip to the Turrialbac community park. Some played in a game off soccer, football, frisbee, and basketball. A couple of kids from the community came and joined in our games. Shout out to Memo (our group leader) for bringing on the competition in soccer and basketball. Then, the majority of the group went to the mini-market down the street and grabbed some more snacks and drinks (because we all know we needed some). Our snack shelf had vanished within a few days. We took a walk back to the park, said bye to our new friends, and took a bus ride home. It was basically a race to get into the pool and everyone joined in as we played a couple of games in the pool. We then had dinner made by the AMAZING Diego which was pork chops, potatoes and salad, and a nice little plantain veggie mix for the vegetarians. We then all got ready for bed and had another great nightly meeting, passed the torch to the next leaders and we all got ready for bed.

Today with the weather it was all about flexibility and adjusting and we ended up having an amazing time at home. With the group of people we have, we always have FUN and enjoy each other’s company whether it’s playing Uno or exploring Costa Rica.

I don’t know if my family is reading the blogs but hi! I got a wood frog in the store that’s just like your dad and I bought plenty of coffee to bring home for you guys. It’s hard to miss you when I’m having so much fun, love nel

I don’t think you guys are reading the blogs even though I left “global glimpse blog” in the search engine, *cough cough* mom lol. I would’ve brought coffee for you dad, but you enjoy Dunkin’ wayyy too much to even bother with these authentic coffee beans. But, I’m definitely enjoying myself and kinda homesick, but this is just preparing me for August with college. I wish I had my phone, y’all know I would be posting my entireeee trip on social media, but that’s okay, I’ll have plenty of pics to show you once I get back. Love you guys, Maree xoxo.