Today was a fun day for us Glimpsers. It was filled with team building games and challenges!

The morning started like every other morning here in Jinotega, with a wakeup call and breakfast. For breakfast we walked to our usual destination – Buffet La Familiar- for a meal consisting of cereal and watermelon. From there we walked back to the hostel with our packed lunches to prepare for our trip to Lake Apanas. There at Lake Apanas we played several team building exercises; a couple of which were pretty messy by the way. One of the games included laying in the mud and passing a water balloon around with our feet!


After Leaving Lake Apanas and returning home we decided to work on our CAP project. Long story short; the meeting, which was planned to be 20 minutes, magically turned into an hour. During the meeting the Glimpsers were able to make some important decisions needed for tomorrow’s project.


Once the meeting was over the Glimpsers rushed to get ready for our dinner at Casa Vieja. There we enjoyed our delicious burgers that were made from homemade buns and patties. After dinner was over, we made out final return home for our nightly meeting and prepared for bed.