Funday on a Monday? Waking up to a chilly morning in Constanza was a great gift from god. After eating a delicious breakfast meal with all the global glimpsers we hopped in a big truck where we cruised our way to the bottom of one of the biggest mountains in Constanza which beholds El Monumento Divino Niño; a monument of  baby Jesus Christ.


Walking up the mountain and watching all the beautiful joy that we as a group carried made me feel energized to motivate and encourage everyone to challenge themselves to keep moving forward. Once on top of the mountain what surprised me the most was the clear and unique view of the wonderful city of Constanza.


Next, we settled down and respectfully listened to Antonio Camilo, the builder of El Divino Niño  Monument, who shared  his story of the creation of the monument and how he fought himself out of cancer which inspired me and the group. As the leader of the day, what made me proud the most was seeing how exciting we all were to communicate with Antonio and enjoy the beautiful opportunities we had up there.


After the joyful hike we transported back to the hotel where lunch was waiting for us. After lunch we headed to Alto Cerro, a local park in Constanza, where once again we had the time of our lives playing sports such as soccer, basketball, football and baseball. As the leader of the day, I made sure everyone was having a great time and stayed hydrated. I personally enjoyed myself playing pool with my friends who I now am proud to call family. Wrapping it up with snacks and tasty drinks, we headed back to the hotel where we rushed to prepare for English tutoring.


Although it was almost near the end of the day and we were all extremely tired we managed to stay positive and maintain a high energy level by singing and dancing as we prepared for the day’s lesson. This definitely encouraged me to stay happy and to keep my group focused for the following hours. English tutoring was a success! I managed to keep my students determined to learn the new lessons that my partner and I had prepared. Once leading my group back to the hotel, a lovely dinner was being prepared by the hands of one of the best cooks in Constanza. The day ended with a lot of smiles and laughter which made me truly feel blessed.


As the leader of the day, I learned that one of the biggest responsibilities is being in charge of a large group. I learned that it is very important to keep myself and others positive at all times and to always stay on track with time in order to get everything done the right way. Best of all, I am very grateful to have the amazing opportunity to run the day with such amazing and lovely people who I now consider family.