Just two weeks before departure, some glimpsers from HS Economics & Finance and Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics spent the day getting to know each other while enjoying Governor’s Island. After a quick ferry ride, we docked on Governor’s Island. Ciara was an expert navigator, since she had visited the island with her class before. Agata enjoyed climbing on the playground. Some glimpsers went with Patrick for a quick bike ride. Sabrina explored the treehouse, and was able to watch everyone whiz by on their bikes. Briana and Amy did great on bikes, as novice bikers. Sarah and Averie were pretty fast on the pedaling! After walking around and exploring the island, we enjoyed soaking up sun in a bunch of hammocks, even tried to play a “get to know each other” game of musical hammocks/”never have I ever”. Brittany fell out of her hammock a few times, but was determined to make it swing. Meochia spent some time writing her story as she relaxed, and shared some of her work with us. We stopped to take some photos on the island, while Douglas and Brayan raced across the field. Afterwards, some glimpsers checked out the mini golf and treehouse, while others went off in exploration of snacks. We had fun getting to know each other and cannot wait to leave on the 24th!NYC Glimpsers spending time together on Governor's IslandGlimpsers playing around on Governor's Island, NYCNYC Glimpsers