Hello everyone! My name is Wendy Ly and I am super stoked to be traveling to Leon next week! I am an upcoming senior at Andrew Hill High School located San Jose, California. I was born and raised here in San Jose and I got to see this city grow into what it is today. I am so grateful to be able to live in such a diverse city/area filled with over a million people from different backgrounds whether it’s race, gender, sexuality, etc. Other than that, I’m so excited to meet everyone and get to learn new things together! 

I am truly blessed to be a part of three amazing clubs at my school. The first club being Interact! It’s a service club that promotes a better understanding around the world and current world problems. Each year, Interact organizes two new projects; one that helps our school and one that helps people around the world! This past school year, we were helping Syrian refugees seek help by raising money through volunteering for events. And the best part is that I made so many new friends through this amazing club. The second club is Unicef (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) and this club focuses on defending and protecting every children’s rights. It warms my heart to know that many children’s lives were saved through UNICEF. The last and final club is ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) and the title basically sums up what this club does. We spread love and kindness to everyone through activities and events. One event that we hosted was “Sandwiches for Hope”. During this event, we packed tons of sandwiches and then gave it away to the homeless around our area. Overall, these three clubs are completely different but they all serve one purpose; to help others.


  • I love watching TV shows! My favorite shows are: Riverdale (I love Jughead), Jane the Virgin, Orange is the New Black, Once Upon a Time, Young and Hungry, Shameless, and  Bachelor/Bachelorette/BIP. I know, it’s a lot but I swear I still have a social life despite all these shows I watch. 
  • I love makeup. It’s my way of self-expression and it’s my take on art! There are common misconceptions that people only wear makeup to impress others but I’m here to tell you that it is completely false. I wear makeup to impress none other than myself.
  •  I love volunteering! It is a fun way for me to interact with new faces while helping out your community. I definitely created some strong bonds with many of my friends through doing service. 
  • I just recently completed my third year of Spanish class! I hope to use what I learned and incorporate it into the everyday language in Leon. 

See you all next week! 🙂