Salutations! Hi, everyone! My name is Charles and my friends call me, Charles. I am currently a student at Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose. I will be one of the students partaking in this trip as one of your peers and I hope to learn more about everyone. I have cousins that have gone on this trip before me and they always come back with stories to share with me. This year is my opportunity to make my own trip with my own memories. Global Glimpse presents this chance for me to learn the world outside my safe haven in SJ, but it can also allows me to grow as a person.10476606_870343439678885_2047988279302876449_n


“Ball is Life” “Adventure is Out There” “People may not exactly remember what you said, But they will never forget how you made them feel.” These quotes represent who I am as a person. I have played 2 years of basketball at my high school and deciding to skip out on my junior year due to circumstances. I began playing since I was around 10 and it’s a game I am passionate about and I love. I love going out. I am naturally a curious person and when I am out of the state or country I often like to explore the cities and learn about the culture there as much as I can. I have traveled to Cancun, Mexico, throughout California and to Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. It’s an interesting experience really to be out away from where your comfortable and I just like knowing there’s much more than you what know. Trips like these just makes me realize there’s adventure waiting for all those that seek it. I have volunteered at my school at clubs like Key Club and Interact. I do volunteer work to really try and make a difference in the world and leave a positive impact in my community and anywhere I may be in the world. At one event where I was working at there was this homeless man that came up to me and talked to me about really how thankful he is for people like me that try to make a difference. He told me stories about his life and really how he came to this point in his life. I draw from that and remember that moment everyday I am breathing.  I try to really make a change in the world for the better and that’s what I am always aiming to do. Therefore, I hope the people that I have been in contact with before in my life really see me in a good light.

I hope to get to know everyone well on this trip. To make new friendships and leave with wonderful memories. See you soon!

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