Hi Glimpers! My name is Jason and I am the choir teacher at Lowell H.S. in San Francisco. This will be my sixth time traveling with Global Glimpse but my first time to Costa Rica. My Global Glimpse experiences have been wonderful and life-changing and they have taught me to be grateful and to be content with what I have in America. Most importantly, Global Glimpse taught me to be a better global citizen.


I hope all of you will come with an open mind and know that this trip will be something different. The idea of traveling to new places with a group of 25 “strangers” is exciting to me and I know it will be a trip of a lifetime, especially for us where we have a split group of Bay Area and Chicago…and a fun fact, I went to college at the University of Illinois.

What would be a better way to see Turrialba than with a new team of people working together…to work like a local, to live like a local, and to give back to the local people with our Community Action Project. Your positive energy and enthusiasm will make a difference!

“Traveling is the only money you spend that makes you richer.” This quote explains my wanderlust and is also a very legitimate reason for me to see the world and get “richer.” I have done volunteer work with my church youth group in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Mexico. Also, I’ve brought my choir to Italy and around the States. My experience of meeting, learning, and interacting with the local people, culture, and their way of living is priceless.