Hi Everybody! My name is Jason and I am the choir teacher at Lowell H.S. in SF. I am one of your four leaders for your trip to Riobamba, and I am looking forward meeting and working with all of you. I have heard wonderful things about GG from my students and they all appreciate and cherish their journey that they have had. Some of them are even taking a gap year with Global Citizen in the result of Global Glimpse…so, we’re doing something RIGHT!

I hope all of you will come with an open mind and know that this trip would be something different. The idea of traveling to new places with a group of 20 “strangers” is exciting for me and it would be a trip of a life time. What would be a better way to see Riobamba through a new team of people working together…and not to mention we are the first team to kick off for Riobamba and we will set high benchmarks for the delegations to follow! Your positive energy and enthusiasm will make a difference!

“Traveling is the only money you spend that makes you richer.” This quote kind of explains my wanderlust and also a very legit reason to see the world and to get “richer”. I travel mostly to Europe and Asia for my leisure trips. Last year I traveled to Léon, Nicaragua, and the year before I went to Constanza, Dominican Republic with Global Glimpse, and this will be my first time to Ecuador. I have done volunteer work with my church youth group to China and Mexico, and also I’ve brought my choir to Italy and around the states. My experience of meeting, learning, and experiencing the local people, culture, and their way of living is priceless.