In a meeting with one of my senior students early this school year I asked her, “What did you do this summer?”  She went on to tell me of a fabulous trip she took to the Dominican Republic through an organization called Global Glimpse.  She went on to say how I really should consider being a leader.  Always intrigued by leading a fantastic group of students through a travel experience, here I am almost a year later preparing for my own trip.  Elena served as an ambassador for this year’s group of travelers, and so far her recommendation has not let me down.

I am a counselor at Deerfield High School, and the highlight of my job is making connections with so many interesting students.  School and life in general is not always easy, so I enjoy being there to help people through all the twists and turns.  I’m sure our trip will be very similar.  I’m totally confident the entire trip will be successful and life changing.  However I’m sure there will be times people need to be challenged or have to process something difficult.  Much like the counseling office, I will be there to support our group and help them along.

Outside of school, I have four daughters ages 6 -16.  Leaving behind my wonderful wife and family will be difficult, but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t believe in the mission of Global Glimpse.

When not in my “day job,” I also coach the girls cross country and track and field teams.  I’m also an avid Cubs fan and enjoy challenging myself with marathons and triathlons.