Hellooooo family members and friends. Today, Keyara and I both had to wake up at 5:55 am to get ready and wake the group (who are basically our family) up at 6:30am. After, they got ready we went off to eat breakfast. We ate breakfast and went to a small community known as ISIQUI. When we arrived at ISIQUI there were 4 different families and we got separated into groups to join one of these families for the day. All of the families were really humble and proud of what they have. This day was really mind-blowing because we experienced how these people lived off a dollar a day. Despite their lack of money, they would do anything to keep their family happy. Most of the leaders of the community were woman. ( ayyyy girl power!!!! ) The woman were in full control of their household. They took care of the money, the food, and the whole family. Everybody in the community knows each other and we were impressed with how easily they could go to each other for help.

Priscilla: Today I was one of the leaders and this really made me view life differently. I live in an apartment and unlike these people I don’t go out and clean the leaves that are laying in my front yard. We usually have breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day at home and at times we get snacks. These people don’t, they can afford one meal a day for each family member. I honesty don’t know what would happen if I lived that way. So therefore I’m glad I got to experience this with my second family.IMAG0394IMAG0391IMAG0381IMAG0361

Keyara: I was one of the leaders today with Priscilla. At the community everyone knows everyone and no one is shy around each other, they are comfortable sharing things with one another. This reminds me of when I’m
home and I go to the corner store and everyone knows the owner of that store. Being in that environment made me feel at home. This experience made me realize things are not all different from the way it is back home.



Daphine: Hi fam !!

Jade: shout out to my mommy I miss you

Nayirah: mom I love you and miss you so much and tell Isaiah that I miss him as well

Kha-asia: Love you pops! Hey Kimmy! Love you guys! You mean the world to me. I’m safe –I’m staying strong. Soon I’ll call to speak to you all. Friends, hey I know you miss me! How’s life on the boring side?