My name is Vincent and today I had my opportunity to serve as Líder Del Día! Today was our first Free Day and we got to have a luxurious wake up time of 8 am, which was well needed, and had a delicious breakfast to start off the day energized. After breakfast, we all had time to lounge around, play card games, take some nice power naps, and wash our laundry. I, as well as the other Glimpsers, have developed such a large appreciation for washers and driers due to us getting a humbling experience hand washing and air drying our clothes. After our lunch, us Gllimpsers as well as our local youth ambassadors came to engage in some fun activities, card games and a pickup game of basketball. We truly did get to see if our ambassador Anderson was the real Steph Curry or not, which has yet to be fully determined. During the time we were playing our intense re-creation of Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, we stumbled upon three of the cutest little newborn kittens that were strangely entertained by a game of peek-a-boo.

Later on in the day we were successful in engaging the community in an informational English tutoring session, where we taught locals of all ages, using active practice for better comprehension. We took each individual student and explained some common causes of confusion, as well as demonstrated the proper usage of vocabulary words and their direct Spanish translations. To make the class more interesting, we played games that helped students retain the knowledge provided, which aided them and gave a more deeper understanding of the English language

Prior to the nightly meeting, we had a filling and satisfying dinner provided by our hospitable CONAMUCA staff.To finish off the day, we gathered for our nightly meeting and reflected on our friendships that continue to grow. We all look forward to  strengthening the bonds created and seeing what the Dominican Republic has in store.