imageGreetings fam! To start off, we had a very fun, energetic day at the beach. This was the best day to be El Lider Del Dia (the leader of the day). I had to wake everyone up at 6:00am and go straight to the bus because the drive to the beach was 2 hours long. I can’t really give you a summary of the bus ride because I fell asleep. When we got to the beach the other GG delegation from San Cristobal welcomed us with a very energetic dome, then we all played an icebreaker to get to know each other. Shortly after, the best part of the day started when we were all able to go into the crystal clear water. S/O to Minnie aka bestie for beating (makeup) her face for no reason. After all the fun in the water we had to gather up to learn the amazing history of the Larimar mineral which was shared by Mario and his wife Lupe. It was a cool thing being able to bond with the other delegation although it was for a short period of time that we were together. We got to make new friends, share experiences, take pictures, and have a dance party which was the highlight of the day. Another thing that made this a cool day was the fact that I got to cross something off my bucketlist which is going to a Caribbean Island ☑. Can’t wait to see what Politics Day got for us tomorrow, till next time Fam.

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