Hello from Leon Trip 2! Today’s day started off on an early note since we all had to wake up at 6 and then of course eat breakfast at the famous Imabite. Everyone was quiet in the beginning since we were all so tired, but we definitely upped our group positivity! After our meal, we got picked up in our lovely school bus with the loud EDM music. Our bus ride took an hour long until we finally reached our destination: Salinza, a salt factory! It was such an informative and educational experience to visit the salt production company. IMG_2010Part of what made it such a interesting experience was that we were engaged with the manager, and were able to ask him so many questions about how the company is run and how the employees are paid and treated. After that, we went back on the bus for another hour long bus ride back for lunch at Imabite (of course). We had a buffet-style lunch and walked back to the hostel after that. We had a few hours of free time to ourselves so some of us took a nap and prepared for English tutoring. At 3 in  the afternoon, a speaker named Jeffrey Bernhard came to speak to us about his Leon-based leather business. IMG_2018Not only that, but he’s also a MILLIONAIRE. He shared about his childhood experiences making money and becoming the entrepreneur he is today. His leather business consists of selling leather bags (including pouches, satchels, laptop cases). He talked about his businesses in both the United States and Nicaragua and the steps he took to become the successful man he is today. By the time he finished it was time for dinner, and of course we ate at the lovely Imabite at 5. We had rice cooked with chicken and French fries. We finished our meals pretty quickly, so we arrived at our English tutoring session a little early. The session started at 6 and ended at 8. It had rained a little earlier, and there was lightning in the sky. We walked back to the hostel and participated in the nightly meeting which included talking about our schedule for today, our pluses and wishes, thorns and roses, BIG LOVE, and of course passing the torch to the new leader. We all ordered pizza even though we had already eaten dinner. Sorry, pizza ‘s here!! Keep you updated tomorrow!!