My job as a leader started at night around 9:30. I had to go knocking on all the doors telling the Glimpsers to turn off their lights. Walking at night to all the rooms was fun because El Monte De Oracion has a nice view of Moca. It was fun seeing that the people of the city still had their lights on because it reminded me of home.

The next morning I woke up at 6:30am in order to wake everyone up at 7am. At breakfast, we had cereal, milk, papaya, pineapple and yogurt. After breakfast we had an academic seminar on Global Business. We learned about coffee exportation and Fair Trade. I learned how farmers don’t really make a profit which made me sad considering how much coffee we consume every day.

When the seminar was over we headed out for our field trip. We arrived to an old coffee factory. We learned a lot about the production of coffee. The factory no longer exports coffee because they weren’t making a lot of money. After that we went up to the mountains to see where the coffee is being grown. The mountain was really steep so we had to ride on small trucks. Everyone got wet because it started raining. I was happy to see so much green. I was so happy to see a lot of trees.

On the way to the top we saw Haitian workers who work the coffee plantation. I got so sad because the people are isolated. They don’t have clean water, and sanitation. The have to burn their trash. I wish I could do something to help all those people. We got to talk to the Haitians without their boss being there. One of the students asked them, “ How much money do you make in a week?”. They responded that they get paid $33 U.S dollars. I was mad because I felt that they were getting exploited. This just ruined my mood because I felt like something was wrong.

On the way back we had free time to explore San Victor and we had to go in groups of 4. Everyone went to different places. We then had a CAP (community action project) seminar in where we planned our project to support the community.