Hello, my name is Beagan Nguy, a 17 year old glimpser from Lincoln High School in San Francisco. The day I chose to be the leader was Global Business day. I chose this day because I thought, “Wow! How great would it be to lead a day that was related to money!” The quote of the day was by Colin Powell, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation.” To me, this quote taught me that to be successful it takes hard work and tons of planning to achieve your goal. In addition to my experience with the day prior when I was assigned to sell clothes in el mercardo, I learned that getting people to buy clothes at a market is not easy and is sometimes even impossible. I know this as a result of not being able to sell one single item even though I did everything that I could to make a sale, including pulling people over to our stand. People can work hard and even prepare ahead of time and still not get the results they aim for but success is in the eye of the behold er.Even though I made no sale, it was fun to see all the nearby stand owners having a great time watching me attempt to sell some clothes in humorous and creative ways. The Question of the day was, “How does large-scale business affect local and international industries?” After discussing this with my fellow glimpsers, I believe that large-scale business controls the local and international industries by manipulating the prices of consumer goods. For instance, if the large scale business begins to lower the price of similar goods produced by locals, then as a result, the smaller local businesses would have to decrease their prices too, thus lowing the profit margarines.

Today, we got some in-depth information about the global economy, concentrating on the fair trade industry. The day started off the same as usual with everyone waking up at about 7:30 am, then heading to breakfast where we got to eat some rice and beans (gallo pinto) with a side of eggs and watermelons. Afterwards, we got back to our hostal to begin the Global Business Seminar. During the Seminar, the GG leaders taught us the basics of global economy, focusing on sweat shop and fair trades. To further understand this, we were dispersed into 4 groups where each group was given a particular product with certain pros and cons in selling them. For example, my group had coffee beans as our product with the cons being that it had no mediator and the pros of having the stamped approval of being the best quality, used by starbucks and other large corporations. The challenge was to create a skit to convince Walmart, represented by Jessica and Brayan, to invest in our product. In the end, there were some amazing presentations with some of the groups: rapping, doing skits, and creating a pitch.

Afterwards we headed out to Del Campo, where we were given some info about the sesame seed factory. Our tour guides were really generous by answering all of our questions and allowing us to sample and then buy their sesame products. Some of the products that we were able to try were sesame cookies and sesame bars and they were delicious. After the presentation, we hopped back on the bus and headed back for lunch. Lunch today was rice and pork served with a glass of natural fruit juice.
Around 1 o’clock we prepared our presentation for the Community Action Project and 3 representatives from the site came to our hostel to give approval and answer our questions about the project. An hour later we went to meet the other deligation and shared our experiences. Then we went to the top of a cathedral and saw leon from a amazing view. After taking some photos of the scenary, we walked back to the hostel where we had our CAP 3 presentation to Hailey, where she answered all our questions and provided additional advice about the project. We ended the day as usual with dinner, then english tutoring, and finally nightly seminar. Overall the day went well and we were able to learn a lot of stuff about Global Business. Personally, this day was a great experience to practice my leader skills and building relationships with other people.

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