Jordon Spence

August 5th Wednesday 2015

Granada, Nicaragua

Theme – Global Business Day

Today we learned about global business and how sometimes it’s hard for businesses to thrive in developing countries. Bigger countries take advantage of developing countries because of unstable government and also unfair trade. We started the day of with breakfast at Don Carlo’s el comedor la favorita where we were served eggs and bacon, tortillas, banana and Flaxi Lemon.

20150806_102925After breakfast, we had an academic seminar about businesses showing little appreciation for their workers, and Today’s activity was basically a real life example of the academic seminar. After the seminar, we prepared to disembark from the hostel to a mango plantation by bus. On the way to the mango plantation, we made a stop to a small fruit farm taken care of by four sisters and their brother. We met one of the sisters and she showed us around the farm and we even got to pick some fruit from the trees. Before we left, I thanked her on the behalf of Global Glimpse for giving us a tour of her farm and presented her with a Global Glimpse cup. Danny, Kelvin and I also took a photo with her and she even gave us a few mangoes picked from the trees, how nice.

We got back on the bus and headed to the mango plantation. At the mango plantation, we met one of the workers and we hiked to the shed where we also met Bismarck. Bismarck explained to us: the hardships of his business, what it’s like to work on the plantation, what they do, publicity issues, etc. As he was speaking to us, one of the workers brought us some mangoes which was really nice. We ate the mangoes (which were really delicious) and took a group photo of the amazing view from the shed. After all was said and done, I thanked Bismarck and the workers on the behalf of Global Glimpse for the tour of the plantation and the mangoes, and I presented Bismarck with the Global Glimpse cup followed up with a photo. Something cool on our way back was that we were able to pick our own mangoes, awesome!!!

20150806_165527We had rice and beef with some vegetables for lunch. Then, we had some free time to relax after all that traveling and after free time we prepared our lessons to teach kids to speak English for the first time! We walked to the school from the hostel, once we reached the school, we played a little basketball and socialized because we were early. We started our lessons at 4:00 pm but unfortunately a few glimpsers, such as myself, didn’t have any students to teach so we had to join other classes taught by other glimpsers. Honestly at first, I was a bit upset because none of my students showed up but while was in the class watching my fellow glimpsers teaching their class I was amazed at how effective their lesson was on their students.

We left the school at 6:00 pm and went to dinner at el comedor la favorita where we were served beans, guacamole, plantain chips and ice-tea. After dinner was the program seminar about tomorrow’s agenda, living on a dollar a day. Then the nightly meeting began and I introduced tomorrow’s El Lider Del Dia, Kelvin. Today was a very good day of understanding business values, teaching and of course, fruit.

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