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Yesterday (Thursday) we went to the Beneficio Kokomo, a coffee plantation/ factory, and learned about global business. We would then realize the impact just a simple purchase of a product can do to one’s economy and why it is best to remember that it is important to think of the effort put into one product. I was surprised that the coffee process was not only hard, but time consuming. I was really proud of my peers and I when we managed to be so respectful and organized when at the Beneficio Kokomo. The most inspiring person was Roxy, our Program Coordinator, for translating what the tour guide said at the factory, but also having put so much passion in doing so. I felt that being El Lider Del Dia was great since I was able to run things productively and manage to keep everyone on track. I learned that once in a while it is important to be assertive to make a group cooperate and behave properly. As well as learning that if you show enough compassion and commitment to being leader, you will make your peers follow along and work like a team.