Hello friends and family it’s day 10 which means we are on our final 8 days! Today was Global Business Day and it was a fairly simple day. Although it was an easy day, it started very early. Since I was the leader, I was in charge of getting everyone up 6:00 in the morning. It was way too early to be starting my day since, I am not a morning person what so ever. It took a minute to get everyone up but once we all got up, we found our sync with one another. After we got up, we all got ready and headed over for an early breakfast at Imabite. After we ate we had a seminar on global business and talked about fair trade as well as the salt factory that we will be visiting after the seminar. Once the seminar ended we hit the road to the factory and we listened to a lot of music to make sure we were ready for the day ahead especially a group favorite “Mr. Policeman.” Once at the factory, we met the manager and he showed us around the factory. While showing us around the factory, we learned how salt is made and purified for human consumption. Not only that but we also saw people hand sealing the salt bags which then got packaged in bulk and sent to stores so it can be bought. After the tour, many people asked really good questions about the working conditions and what goes on behind the scenes. As soon as the questions were answered, I as leader gave the manager a gift on behalf of us glimpsers and thanked him for letting us come to the factory and showing us around.

After the tour was over, we went back on the bus and came back to Imabite for lunch. As soon as lunch was done, we came back to the hostel to prep for our English tutoring and CAP presentation. At 1:30, a money exchange person came and we exchanged money so we can have some bank to spend! At 2:00 we were supposed to have a speaker and go on a field trip but it got cancelled. We didn’t mind that at all because that gave us 3 hours of free time! Who doesn’t love free time especially here in León after all the hard work we’ve been doing! During our free time, we all split into groups and went to the Internet café, Central Park, a smoothie place, a coffee shop and many more. It was very nice getting more free time since León is such a beautiful place and there is so much to see. After our 3 hours of free time came to an end, we went back to Imabite for dinner and off to English tutoring which is one of my favorite things. I love my class so much and everyone else loves their class as well because they’re all so excited to learn English and I love it! After tutoring, we walked back to the hostel and had the well known nightly meeting in which we talked about the day we had and the question of the day which was, “What are the challenges of starting a business in Nicaragua?” After a couple people answered, I passed the torches to our two new leaders Adam and Vishaal! Can’t wait to see how they do tomorrow! After we passed the necklaces, the new leaders went over the schedule for Tuesday and talked about how we have a special dinner planned for tomorrow which I am definitely looking forward to!

In conclusion, today was a very calm day and it wasn’t packed unlike most days. Tomorrows blog will be done by Adam and Vishaal so look out for that and thank you for taking the time to read the blogs and comment on them. We appreciate it so much and always look forward to seeing what everyone says! Much love to you all! Can’t wait to see you all soon!

-Joseph Sabados