Hello my followers today I am about to tell you a story that will rock your world. The day came when me and another student named Motaz became leaders for the day. We had our ups and downs but when it came to our job as leaders we did our job alright. Today for our day we had to wake up pretty early around 4:30AM to go to a place called Finca La Canavalia where we have to work as local farmers.

Everybody from the Global Glimpse was mad since I had to wake them up pretty early to go on the farm. But as leader it is my duty and Motaz to get them on their feet even though I preferred to sleep. The Glimpsers came to the farm and we ate breakfast since we couldn’t eat at the hostel. The Glimpsers are sixteen students who had to divide to two groups. I was in group 1 with Motaz  and three students with two GG leaders.

We worked our butts off with farming plants for three whole hours and encountered nothing but plants, trees, woods, and bugs lot of lots of bugs flying into people ears 😣😢. I hope you all reading this blog don’t experience the bugs in your ears. We came back dirty at the end but we made it back safely with no harm except for some very minor cuts 😏😝. Love from your hosts Massie Diop.


Hello everybody, my friend Massire did a brief summary of what  today was all about. However I will give you a brief summary of what the managers of the farm said. The question of the day was “how hard is the job of people in the rural areas?  Is it worth what they earn?” today the managers explained to us how important is their job to their community and even some of the European countries. While we were asking outstanding questions to our wonderful host I wondered what is this farm’s objective and what are the managers  trying to accomplish?. Some of the questions that I asked were “what are they planning for the future of the farm?” also “whether or not they were affiliated  with an NGO group?, and last but not least “what is the message that they are trying to spread?”. The answers that I got were shocking! The manger told us that they are trying to plant 7000 cacao trees and they are only missing 227 to be exact. When asked what are their intentions, they responded by saying that their intentions isn’t to compete but to produce the best products. When asked where they see them self in 2018 they said they want the cocoa trees to bear fruit and increase their chicken count to 12000 and to increase their dairy product by having each cow to produce more than 12 liter of milk a day. When asked what is something that he is very concerned about, he responded by saying how the organic fruits ad vegetables are exported to European countries and the locals are left with inorganic products. All these things are a part of  big picture that makes up the true farmer in Matagalpa. All the hard work, the blood, the sweat and the tears that the farmer put in to see his fruits of his labor being enjoyed by some one else. Coming from a modernized country I didn’t know how hard it is to produce trees until this day. This day changed my point of view toward farmers in the third world  countries, especially those that have to put in work to see someone else enjoy their product.

Thanks for reading!!


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