Global Business

Today’s leader of the day was Jacob Rodríguez:

Today, me and my fellow glimpsers took a field trip to Fabrica de zapatos Arevalo. Fabrica de zapatos Arevalo is a shoe factory where most of the shoes are made by hand and they only produce about 23 pairs of shoes a day. My peers and I learned how big corporate businesses affect the success of a local developing economy. We also learned how success differs in different cultures. In our small group discussions, we discussed how success in business in America means money and assets. In Ecuador, success in business means making your customers happy.

What surprised me most today was how hardworking the two owners of the shoe factory are. After opening the shoe factory, they found the will to pursue their college educations.

I was very proud of how my peers discussed the questions of the day. We had heartfelt discussions where our leaders really pushed us to dig deeper into the questions. I want to give shout outs to Miles and Jasmine in particular because they had really significant comments in the discussion that really forwarded the discussion.

Leader of the day was a little overwhelming at first. My alarm clock happened to not go off which kind of cracked my confidence a bit. Big love to Zoe and Jasmine for taking initiative and waking me up. I regained my confidence throughout the day and I really enjoyed being leader of the day.

We had a great lunch at Roma Santa prepared by the lovely Isabel. Then we had a great Mexican dinner at Linas Restaurant. On the way back, we were walking through a park and happened to pass by a Zumba class that we happened to join. We had a great time dancing with the locals in the class.

I learned today that I need to keep my enthusiasm and energy throughout the day and not let my small mistakes affect my mood.

Big love, Jacob