Born and raised in East San Jose, Jose Javier Lujano (JJ) is a first-generation Mexican-American, first-generation college student currently studying at Santa Clara University. JJ traveled to Matagalpa, Nicaragua with Global Glimpse in 2009.

Visiting Barrio Francisco Moreno during the “Living on $1 a Day” reality challenge and walking for a brief moment in their shoes. I saw the people in the barrio walking barefoot among stinging ants and glass without
complaint when I wanted fresh Vans or Jordans every three months. I remember crying so hard, taking my shoes and socks off, and hiking barefoot to the water well. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my entire life, and one that I continue to share to this day.

Lujano-412-682x1024GLOBAL GLIMPSE IMPACT
GG has made me realize that the issues we face in the United States are taken to further extremes in developing countries. Aside from being American, Nicaraguan, Asian, African or Mexican, we are HUMAN, and we must  work together to ensure every person on this earth has basic human rights. On my Global Glimpse trip I had the opportunity to speak to the mayor of Matagalpa; I walked out of that meeting feeling that politicians can and should do more. This experience made me think about the inefficiency of political systems all over the world and solidified my desire to go into politics. If I ever hold public office, I’ll look back on my Global Glimpse experience, and realize that I am in a position of power not to benefit myself but to give voice to the voiceless.

The world does not end at US borders and I knew after Global Glimpse that it was imperative for me to see, experience, and understand more of the world. I am currently studying abroad in London at Imperial College. I am learning about the culture of the UK, British Politics, and the connections between Islam and the West.
I am participating in an amazing internship with the Labor Party Press Office at the Labor Party Headquarters in London! Already, I have had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, Milan, Barcelona, and Rome, and will be visiting Paris and Switzerland soon. Global Glimpse opened a door to the world and I feel blessed to be here.

Most importantly I want to give back to my community. I want to start by serving my local community through some form of elected office while continuing to learn about the Middle East and how we can possibly attain peace in the region. I plan on running for San Jose City Council in 2013 while I finish my senior year at Santa Clara because I believe I can help rebuild East San Jose to be the safe and vibrant community that I remember from my childhood.

My time in Nicaragua with Global Glimpse in 2009 changed the way I see the world and my own opportunity to make a difference. I hope to maintain an active role in Global Glimpse as a member of the Alumni Council, helping to share my experiences with prospective students so that they too can reach their potential as young leaders.

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