Hello Glimpsers and families,

My name is Jacqueline and I am one of the Global Glimpse co-leaders traveling to Turrialba, Costa Rica this summer in June 2023. I am dedicated to helping children, youth, and their families realize their fullest potential through support and engaging families in their strongest assets. I believe that our youth have so much potential to make a positive impact in the world and in their communities. I have over 20 years of experience engaging in various work and volunteer capacities to promote social justice in family support work in San Francisco, CA. I currently work as a Medical Social Worker with San Francisco Department of Public Health. 

I’ve had the privilege to study short-term in Oaxaca, Mexico, and travel abroad to places like Iceland and Cambodia. This is my first time traveling as a Global Glimpse Leader, and, it’s been amazing to be part of a community at Global Glimpse who shares the same values and commitment to youth leadership and global education. I’m excited to learn more about Costa Rica’s environmental sustainability, meet new people, taste different fruits and food, and explore the beautiful wildlife. I love immersing myself and learning about people, culture, language, arts, music, and theater. They are creative expressions of the soul. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, family, spending time outdoors/ nature, traveling, and discovering new places. I look forward to having fun and supporting all of you through this transformative experience and seeing you grow in the two weeks we have together!  

Big love,