Alumni Testimonials

Testimonials from our Global Glimpsers

Testimonials - Christina Craner
Christina Craner, Oakland High, Glimpser

“It was a life-changing experience, and one of the few programs that actually changed my life. I will never forget the memories, smiles, hardships, and people I met through Global Glimpse. This program makes you realize the reality of life and prepares you for it.”

Testimonials - Jyoti Swamy
Jyoti Swamy, Glimpser

“Global Glimpse is a huge reason why I am the person I am today and after the trip, I began educating those around me on what needs to be done not only nationally, but globally. I am currently studying international development in college and I plan on trying to help solve world hunger. Because of Global Glimpse I have found out how scarce food is and that’s what I want to do. I want to feed people, and Global glimpse showed me that.”

Testimonials - Tugba Haklidir
Tugba Haklidir, Summer Search Seattle, Glimpser

“I’ve learned the importance of helping others and being open-minded towards any given situation. When you devote yourself to an important cause, oftentimes you discover yourself out in the process. Global Glimpse showed me that.”

Felicia Ong, Irvington High School, Glimpser

“Global Glimpse empowered me to give back and create change within my community. It also inspired me to apply for college.”

Maria Moreno, Overfelt High School, Glimpser

“I believe that Global Glimpse is the best program at educating youth about global connectedness. Our world is increasingly becoming more and more interconnected and Global Glimpse allows students to experience that first hand.”

Madelyn Vilhauer, Lowell High School, Glimpser

“My Global Glimpse experience affirmed that I want to study Latin American studies in college and eventually become a bilingual teacher. I also acquired a different outlook on the world and on the human spirit that I will never lose.”

Mary Makasini Tuinauvai, Youth Empowerment High School

“Most definitely, Global Glimpse changed my perspective for the better. I got a glimpse of the world outside my own, I appreciate everything more, and to this day, I strive to make a change within my own community. I will be forever grateful for this program.”

Gabriela Rodriguez, Andrew Hill High, Glimpser

“GG was one of the most powerful experiences I had in my whole life. There is not a day that I don’t think of the people I met in the program. I view everything I do through a whole new lens because of GG. I don’t waste food, I buy fewer clothes, I use my money more wisely and I try harder in school. GG has made me a better person, something that I am extremely grateful for.”

Alberto Mancini, Lowell High School, Glimpser

“My leadership skills have definitely improved as a result of Global Glimpse. I am now not afraid to try new things. Global Glimpse showed me that I can achieve the goals I set for myself, no matter how high they may first seem to be. I have since taken a leadership position at my new college, San Jose State University.”

Parent/Guardian Testimonials

Bryon S. Dalrymple, Father of Glimpser

“I knew the program would be good, but the cultural experience combined with the service and leadership skills really impacted our daughter. Her awareness of the world around her has increased, she has continued doing service for others here at home and her confidence has also greatly increased!”

Wanda Tucker, Mother of Glimpser

“Global Glimpse made it possible for my daughter to have the experience of her life.”

Nan Senzaki, Mother Glimpser

“Global Glimpse gave my son a stronger sense of identity with what “leadership” opportunities exist and what it means to be a “leader”. He learned and experienced a lot in his exposure to the culture, issues and indeed, had a “global glimpse” of the privileges he has to make a difference both locally and globally.”

David Kuang, Father of Glimpser

“This is the most valuable program for high school students. It not only gives our children the opportunity to learn how to be more independent, better decision-makers and manage their time, but also allows them to see another world and understand different cultures.”

Ruben Rodriguez, Father of Glimpser

“I would recommend this program, without a doubt, Global Glimpse demonstrates that young people need to be taken out of the classroom, from theory into action.”

Teacher Testimonials

James Robertson, Academic Dean, Lionel Wilson Prep, Oakland CA

“What your program offers our students is life-changing. You plant a seed of possibility in the minds of our students. They return with a deep belief in what they can do.”

Vito Chiala, Principal, Overfelt High School, East San Jose CA

“This experience changes kids. It teaches them about themselves, it informs them about their world, and it allows them to decide how they can make a difference.”

Max Von Euw, Teacher at Mills High School, GG Leader

“I was impressed with how organized the program is and smoothly the trainings went with the students. When I arrived in Nicaragua, everything was incredible. The schedule was extremely organized. The staff was super friendly and helpful. It wasn’t an easy job, but everything GG did made the trip very educational.”

Debra Pettric, Teacher at Pittsburgh High School, GG Leader

“GG’s program challenges students (and teachers) to expand their world view and rethink how they interact with the world around them. I do not remember seeing another program with this extensive a focus on developing an understanding of the US’s relationship with developing countries.”

Paula O’connell Independence High School, GG Leader

“The experience of seeing a country and its people through the eyes of tomorrow’s future leaders changed my approach to teaching current events. I also learned how students of very diverse backgrounds can work together for the good of all.”