HEYYY it’s Melissa, one of the Leaders of today! I started off the morning at 5:30 am and woke everyone up at 6 am. Unfortunately, we were a little off schedule because many of us felt sick in the morning, but we took some medications and began traveling to the waterfall on two separate buses. Even though the bus ride took 2.5 hours, we had a lot of fun using Angelita’s (one of our GG leaders) Spotify Premium to listen to a variety of music recommended by our fellow glimpsers. Once there, we walked on two rope bridges and looked over the waterfall before descending closer, where we could get a close-up view of the waterfall (as well as a few splashes! Jason got completely soaked haha). The view was absolutely gorgeous and the sound of water was nice and calming. After taking some photos and admiring the waterfall, we had to hike back up the way we came from (I was literally pulling myself up with my arms because my legs were so tired, but Richie had it worse since he was carrying a filled water jug for everyone)—but it was good practice for the stairs we’ll have to face in our upcoming school year! I’ll pass it on to Richie now for the next part of the day.

Hey, guys, it’s Richie; I was the impromptu co-leader of the day. After the beautiful waterfall scenery, we headed back to the bus to travel to Baños and eat food at The Leprechaun. The food, as it has been this whole trip, was extremely good, but a more notable aspect of the restaurant was the decor. The Leprechaun leans into the greenery of the surroundings and uses a lot of wood decor. A worthwhile experience! After eating at The Leprechaun we headed to a shopping alley in Baños to grab souvenirs where we spent about an hour exploring and shopping alley. Although I couldn’t buy a whole lot, we headed back to the bus for a two-hour ride back to the hotel. Both buses jammed out to music. Although we were extremely tired, we still had a great time.

Hello everyone! I’m Emily, your other Leader of the Day. I woke up sick so Richie filled in for me (thanks Richie), but I was able to make it for dinner. For dinner, we went to a fancy restaurant called Nativa for traditional Andean food. We started the meal off with fresh fruit (which I don’t remember the names of). Our main dishes consisted of fried rice with chicken and a whole baked potato. For dessert, we were served apple rosé. The staff was very welcoming. On the bus ride back to our hotel, we danced and enjoyed more music. Overall, the day was full of energy and really fun!

Hope you guys enjoyed our blog like we enjoyed our day!

Signing out,
Melissa, Richie, and Emily 🙂