For starters, I hope you are enjoying your summer and taking the time to relax before our big trip to Guaranda!!

I am Corlin Allrich and I am one of your Global Glimpse leaders.  I teach Living Environment and AP Environmental Science at Williamsburg Preparatory HS in Brooklyn.  I am excited to get to know each and every one of you and share this amazing experience together.

Originally, I’m from a small town (~800 people) in Northwest Minnesota. While in college, I worked at the amusement park inside the Mall of America as a ride operator.  I became a bit of a roller coaster junkie and took several road trips during my 20s to various amusement parks across the Midwest.  After graduating college with a degree in Biology, I worked as a researcher at a Biotech company in Minneapolis for 3 years.  In 2000, I got a job offer at a small startup Biotech company in NYC and worked in the industry until 2006.  During my time in Biotech, I researched methods for producing tissue-engineered artificial skin and also digested human livers and freezing the cells for testing.  In 2007, I joined the NYC Teaching Fellows and started my teaching career at the Erasmus Hall Campus.  I taught science for 9 years before moving to WP in 2016.

I’ve always been a fan of traveling. As a child, my family took many camping vacations, spending time at the lakes around Minnesota. While I was in college, I became active in Habitat for Humanity.  I spent my Spring Breaks traveling around the country to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and build houses for people in need.  Once I started teaching, I began to take advantage of my breaks from school and traveled as often as I can.  I have been to 44 states and traveled to Europe three times, visiting Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, and the Canary Islands…soon adding Ecuador to my list.  I’m not too fond of tourist-y destinations, so the Global Glimpse experience will be right up my alley. I’m looking forward to living and working with locals and learning about the culture as well. With 2 weeks to go, the excitement is building.

I’m sure this will be a life-altering event for most (if not all) of us attending.  I hope that you share in this excitement. I will be meeting you in the airport in 2 weeks. Welcome to Global Glimpse!!

Corlin Allrich