Today Glimpsers focused on Aid and Development, meaning we learned how different organizations supply resources for Jarabacoa residents in need. But to start off the day, we had an American breakfast, frosted flakes, and cornflakes that reminded us all of home.

Then we traveled into the city and met two speakers! The first organization was focused on providing clean water, and the second was a community advocate who will be helping us over the next week with our Community Action Project.

We finally started to work on our CAP Design! We are focusing on providing clean water for a small community in Jarabacoa that does not have access. We are excited to present how we plan to contribute to the community with our poster presentations tomorrow afternoon!

After all of that excitement, we were blessed with food by our Top Chef Welling, which consisted of spaghetti, bread, fruit, and veggies. 🙂 We were so excited after the nightly meeting because we got to pass the torch to our new LDDs, who will be taking over tomorrow for our community day, where we will spend time with locals and building connections.

Messages home from the LDDs:

To my boujie family, I hope there are still Oreos left at home, I really miss those. I hope you are taking snapchats of everything so I’m caught up. I miss singing shaboaya with Pookie, and telling Bubba to stay out of my nail polish. I miss your morning wake-up calls pushing me in my bed because there’s no Alexa out here. Hope everyone is healthy, and watching our family TV. Make sure you’re giving Pookie ice cream for breakfast. Love and miss you all, don’t forget about me. – Mimi (your favorite child)

Hello to everyone back home,  I hope everyone is well and that there is still ice cream and nutella left for me because Satchel has probably eaten all of it. We had a stray puppy wander into our accommodation and me and my friend wanted to bring it home, but we couldn’t even touch it :(. We named him Papito! I miss you all and I will be expecting my room to be clean when I get home like Angelika said she would lol. Love you guys. – Iris