First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day and happy Juneteenth! Today, we visited the Dump en Buena Vista (or Vertedero en Buena Vista). We met individuals who work in waste management in Jarabacoa and they informed us about how trash collection occurs in this area. One thing that surprised me today, was that they don’t require the poor to pay for trash collection, unlike the United States. I was proud of my group members who were eager to translate for our speakers today at the dump. After going to the dump, we had a lengthy and powerful discussion about the roots of poverty. We focused on the issue of homelessness and how to combat it as a community. Later, we had some fun learning Dominican and other Caribbean dances. After that, we had an impromptu trip to a waterfall and river. Some members hopped right in and swam around, while others only dipped their toes in. Regardless, everyone had fun, and we had some good snacks while we were there (I also found a coconut on the beach that someone had eaten and we played with it). The trip to the river was probably my most involved portion of the day, pertaining to my responsibilities as the leader of the day. I carried the water jug and distributed snacks, which I enjoyed because I appreciated helping everyone and seeing them smile. Today, I learned that I can be a good leader because not only was I in charge, but I did important tasks. Also, my members said I set the bar too high (lol).

Going back to Father’s Day, here are some messages from our members (plus Lexie)!

Lexie: I’m really bummed I missed Father’s Day but I hope you had a good one. Love you, Grandpa and Dad!

Azucena: Hi papa, happy Father’s Day. You are a lovely human being. I love you.

Ko-shin: Happy Father’s Day! Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I love you!

Sabrina: Hello! Sorry, I’m not there and I kind of forgot that Father’s Day was happening but I hope it’s been going well! I’m having lots of fun and I’m excited to tell you all about it when I get home! Love you! Happy Father’s Day!

Christina Fiedler: Hi Dada, Happy Father’s Day! I having a good time but I miss you all (including the kitties). Hope you’re working hard on Genshin for me 🙂 Love you!

Skylar: Hi, I already sent you one in your email, so I am have Very little to say. I’ll talk about the trip when I get back. Happy Father’s Day, again.

Benjamin: Happy Father’s Day! I hope you’re happy and healthy.

Timothy: Hi Dad, I wish you a wonderful Father’s Day. Throughout all my downs and highs and lows you were there supporting me all throughout my troubles and more. I really appreciate you for that and I’m sorry for not saying that more to you. Much love, Tim.

Noelani: Hey Dad, I miss you so much and I’m wishing you the best Father’s Day from DR!!! Much love XOXO – your fav kid

Erika: Happy Father’s Day dad! I miss and love you, take care of Lily for me!

Krishna: Happy Father’s Day!! Papa and Dada thank you for everything you do for me I love and miss you both.

Malia: Hi from the Dominican republic! Happy Father’s Day!

Julia: Happy Father’s Day! I hope that you received my card! I hope that you have a great day. I love and miss you all.

Christina Tran: Hi!! Happy Father’s Day dad! Hope you had a fun day. I am doing well and having fun. Love you and miss you everyone. Don’t worry about me.

Melissa: ¡Feliz Dia Del Padre! Can’t wait to see you again soon! Thank you for everything that you do for me every day. Te amo tanto! Love you dad!!!

Sheyla: ¡Feliz Dia Del Padre, Pa! Te quiero mucho. Gracias por todo lo qué haces.

Betzaida: Happy Fathers Day1

Edith: Feliz Día del padre. Lo quiero.

Found a chick in need of help while heading back to La Salle! Mama was not pleased..

On our way to the Dump en Buena Vista.

Also on our way to the Dump