Today has been an eye opening experience. We began our day with exploring the city of Riobamba. The Glimpsers had the opportunity to visit different places in the city of Riobamba.  They learned how the main church had worked to accept other cultures. Throughout their exploration, they also learned about haciendas, slavery, government, economics and much more. The Glimpsers were asked trivia questions throughout the tour that allowed them to gain a bonus prize. What may have that prize been? Well, the very last stop along their tour was to a famous ice cream parlor where they were able to watch the workers create an ice cream with only ice and salt. Later in their day, they had their first teaching experience. Each Glimpser was responsible for a certain age group. The Glimpers all had different experiences when it came to their students, but each had a lesson learned from this. This was a great way for them to kickoff their 2nd day and the rest of their time here.