Hey guys, it’s me, Angel. I go to Overfelt High School in San Jose California. I’m pretty excited to meet y’all and experience this wonderful opportunity and gain the pleasure of helping people and getting to know many different people even though I get super nervous.

Here are a few things about me:)

I  REALLY, REALLY LOVE FOOTBALL (soccer). I’ve been playing the majority of my life and it’s like my first ever love. I love fitness and working out in general. Staying healthy makes me feel good. I’m really into movies as well, specifically psychological and horror films. “American Psycho” and “Night Stalker” are great recommendations (kind of inappropriate but cool films). As for music, I pretty much like everything except country- never got a vibe towards it. Currently really into “The Smiths” and “Deftones”.

Fav food right now is definitely chicken Alfredo pasta. The best candy in my opinion is either Gushers or Swedish Fish 🙂

I am interested in studying medicine or receiving a psychology degree for school:)

I’m very welcoming so don’t be afraid to say hi 🙂 See u guys soon!!