Greetings!  I am Mr. Turner, I am beyond excited to meet and travel with you all on July 6, 2016!  I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.  I currently teach high school Social Science in San Jose, CA, but have also taught in both Redwood City, CA and San Diego, CA.  I have taught in large high schools, charter schools, and a middle school and I have coached football, baseball, softball, as well as track & field at the high school level.  Non-academically, I was an Aviation Structural Mechanic (AM) in the United States Navy and I was the Director of a summer camp focused on teamwork, empathy, ethics, and athletics in Carlsbad, CA.

As for my education and experience, I am a veteran of the United States Navy.  I currently hold a Master’s Degree from University of San Diego (USD), a Bachelor’s Degree from San Jose State University (SJSU), and a California Social Science Teaching Credential from USD.  Through the U.S. Navy, education, and travel, I was able to elevate myself from poverty into a productive member of society. I look forward to sharing my experiences of international travel and how it has changed my life, and I hope to see the changes in you as well.  See you at the airport on July 6!


Mr. Turner (Mr. T/Coach T)