My full name is Haley Vien and I am a rising senior at Envision Academy of Arts and Technology which is located right in the center of Downtown Oakland.  I am Asian American and a Summer Searcher (Summer Search, my life saver and also the program that is allowing me to be here in the first place)! (I’m the left one in the photo, this was taken a few months ago. My hair is shorter and I have braces now. :))

A very vivid and quick description of my personality that was created by my best friend is that I am basically the Energizer bunny (You know the battery brand with the pink bunny and the drums?) on Monster (the energy drink). I am a very bubbly, happy, and passionate person in general. I just can’t help but get excited about anything and everything! I get high off of life. (I’ve never done drugs in my life other than my allergy medicine.) I might come off as insane or crazy, so I’m sorry if I overwhelm you. If I do, let me know and I will go from 100 to 0 in an instant. Also, I love hugs so if you love them, please give me lots of hugs. If you hate hugs, also let me know and I won’t invade your bubble. 🙂

Since I am a very passionate person, I tend to obsess and love things instead of just really like them. Some television shows that I am currently obsessing over are Steven Universe, Criminal Minds, and Parks and Recreation.  I love animals, pugs and corgis are probably some of the cutest things that have crossed this earth. I love eating and food. I am an activist in my heart even though I don’t go to protests because I am a hermit. I am super open minded, I am part of the rainbow (if you catch my drift ;)), a feminist, and I AM SUPER PASSIONATE WHEN IT COMES TO SAVING THE PLANET AND FIXING GLOBAL WARMING. I love people, so please, don’t be afraid of me. Even though I am very bubbly, I am very awkward…

Anyways! That’s my little blog post on myself. I can’t wait to meet all of you! I know that we are going to have the adventure of a lifetime. c: