Hello, everyone!

          I’m a rising senior named Ricky Shin who is unfortunately still 16 (my birthday is in August), and I go to Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA. This trip to León is the first time that I’m travelling anywhere outside the United States or South Korea, so I’m definitely excited to try out all the cheesy tourist phrases I’ve learned in the past couple of days.

          I’m generally an easygoing guy, though I tend to reflect and introspect as much as I like to make jokes and have fun. I read and write like nobody’s business, and enjoy dabbling casually in different languages like French and Mandarin Chinese. I’m extremely skinny, pitifully so, though I fail to grasp why as I’ve already been kicked out of two buffets in the past for practically removing the meat section. I love to snowboard above all other sports, even if I’m exponentially better at skiing, and am a self-proclaimed master swordsman (though I started Kendo just this summer). I’m a terrible guitarist but like to believe that I’m a decent singer. I read One Piece but refuse to watch it, like to go shopping but refuse to admit it, and am expecting to be featured on the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most atrocious dancer. I’m an inherent night owl who barely sleeps 4 hours a day, and pretend to love coffee (I don’t). Lastly, I’ve traveled around the world as a baby but don’t remember a thing except for South Korea and the United States. So I’m pumped for this trip to Nicaragua.

          I’m looking forward to meeting you all and spending a fantastic 3 weeks in Nicaragua together.


I’m the dude on the right


Ricky Shin