Hello everyone!!! My name is Mabel and this is my first summer with Global Glimpse.

I’m super excited for this journey, so many adventures, new people, and new knowledge we are about to experience. I love helping people in their journeys and being able to teach y’all about my country and its culture and for that to be an experience for you makes me feel special.

About me, I love to keep myself active…you can find me riding my bike or hiking anywhere in DR. I also love to read especially thrillers and contemporary literature.

Hello everyone, I’m Daniel and I’ll be one of your Program Coordinators for the next 14 days!

I’m really excited to pass on a little bit of the knowledge that I have about my country as well as that little piece of heaven that is Constanza, I’m always open and excited to learn from you all.!

I’m 24 years old and I travel a lot, my friends, to remote parts of the island in my free time, love to listen to music and skate around to relax and explore wherever is located. when I’m at home I love to lay down with my cat (Shike) to watch some anime and movies.

I’m looking forward to this experience with all of you!! 🤙🏾