Hello Glimpsers!

My name is Brianna Rodriguez and I am so excited to be a GGL for the Riobamba trip in June! I was born and raised in Ventura County, California, and then attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. Growing up in the Southwest was amazing but on a whim, I listed Chicago as my top location choice (I had never even visited before!) when I was applying for Teach for America at the end of college. I moved to Chicago with TFA to teach preschool in 2016 and immediately fell in love with this city! I shifted careers and became a college counselor 5 years ago and am currently counseling/teaching at Pritzker College Prep. I am so excited to get to know you all and experience a brand-new culture. I did not have the chance to travel outside of North America as a child so I am elated to get to share in this experience with you all. I recently traveled to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague and will be visiting Amsterdam in the Fall. The travel bug has definitely bit now that Covid travel restrictions are more relaxed! This trip to Riobamba will be my first visit to South America but hopefully not my last.

Outside of being an educator, I love going to as many concerts as possible, trying new restaurants in Chicago, and hanging out with my chihuahua Dobby. I love Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, and Hozier but am always interested in new music recommendations!

I know this trip to Riobamba will be life-changing! COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL JUNE 12TH!

Big Love,

Brianna Rodriguez