Hello Glimpsers!

My name is Audrey Hart and I am the leader for the July 2 trip to Granada, Nicaragua. I am excited to travel south with you all and learn about you and Nicaragua! I grew up in Oregon, went to school in New York and now I am a special education teacher at Summit Tahoma, a charter school in South San Jose. At school, I also coach soccer and track and am the yearbook adviser! I love to travel, outdoor activities and my pet chameleon. I will be leaving him behind with my 9-year-old sister, as I hopefully am enjoying the traveling and activities with you.

I wanted to lead a GG trip because I went on a similar trip when I was in high school in Oregon. It was an extremely important foundation in my development as a student and a leader. As a teacher now, developing that in more students is my main job! I can’t wait to see the transformation in all of you.

I will soon be calling you to introduce myself and I will answer any of your questions/concerns but in the meantime, please consult the website and your personal account portal for your packing list, passport information and other details or reach out via this blog!


I’ll see you bright and early July 2!