Hi everyone! My name is Darzelle and I currently study at Lowell High School. I am 16 years old and the youngest of 3 siblings. I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States on 2009. Since then, I was able to meet new people and expose myself to different experiences that eventually opened the door for more opportunities. One of which would be this program. I heard about Global Glimpse through the seniors at my school; and learning about all the fun and unforgettable time they had only made me even more interested in being a part of it.

In addition, I enjoy being out in nature as much as I like to stay home doing indoor activities. I am always energized whenever I try out a new sport—even once I discover that I am not so good at it. I also like to help out in the community I grew up in, the South of Market, through volunteer work. Moreover, art is one of my main interests, and I love to be creative and expressive with my works. Food is also my first love, and I am greatly looking forward to tasting Nicaraguan cuisine. I can also be very shy, but I hope that it is something I can work on as soon as I become involved in Global Glimpse.

With that being said, I am excited to be immersed in Global Glimpse this summer. I wish to create new memories, meaningful experiences, and lasting friendships while gaining more knowledge by discovering what else there is to the world that I am yet to see.