Hey Everyone,

My name is Jose Rosario and I am one of the Global Glimpse Leaders on this trip.  Here are some random facts about me:
-Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
-Although many Dominicans immigrate to New York, my parents picked Los Angeles based on the weather.
-I lived in Los Angeles from the age of 5 until I left for Undergrad at UC Santa Cruz and Grad School at Stanford.
-I am an English teacher at Sequoia High School in Redwood City.
-I will nerd out about the following topics with no remorse: Harry Potter, Memes/GIFs, Ted Talks, Graphic Novels, Don Quixote, The Walking Dead, the evolution of hip-hop, 35mm Projectors, logical fallacies, and variations of grilled cheese sandwiches.

I can’t way to meet all of you!