Hi everyone!  My name is Melanie Mesagno and I am a junior at Analy High School in Sebastopol (near Bodega Bay).  I am so thrilled to be given this incredible opportunity to travel to Central America.  I absolutely love traveling and experiencing new things, so I think I will definitely enjoy this trip.  I am generally a pretty shy person, but I am nice and fun to be around once I warm up to the environment.  When I am not studying physics or stressing about AP tests (like I currently am), I am dancing.  I have been dancing for about 6 years and I love it!  I do jazz, ballet, and contemporary, no hip hop…not really my thing.  I am also involved with the band at my school where I play the flute, which I have played for 8 years, and I do the annual musical my school puts on.  I only dance in it, but it is still fun to have a small part.

I think those are the basics!  Can’t wait to meet everyone 🙂