Hello dear parents and supporters! The whole Riobamba 1 crew has arrived safely, and despite few hours of sleep, we’ve already done a lot of bonding and setting the foundation for an awesome trip! The students got their first sight of Riobamba, learning about the historical hacienda where we are staying. We also got the opportunity to enjoy nature and breathe in some fresh mountain air at the beautiful park near the hostel.


One of the biggest excitements for the students though was the food! They were enchanted by the soups served for lunch and dinner, as well as the fresh juices. And, even though some students were nervous about trying new food, the group really supported each other and encouraged everyone to challenge themselves… and it was a success! The support we’ve seen already today between the Glimpsers is the highlight of the trip so far!

Tonight we started learning about Ecuadorian culture and especially the indigenous influence, and tomorrow we will dive into this topic to learn even more.

Big love from Ecuador!