Alexis: Wassup booooiiiis. Today was the day of our first CAP project, or community action project, and we had to face a lot of challenges.

Diego: Yep! As leaders of the day, we quickly realized the limitations one faces when forcing teenagers to wake up and asking them to do stuff. All the same, we made a lot a lot of progress fixing up El Rebaño de Agrerio (the Barn of Happiness, a school for 3-5 year-old children of vendors at the neighboring street market). We have paint stains throughout our clothes and hands to remind us!

Alexis: Something my mother will definitely not be happy about. Heh. Despite the struggles of manual labor and self motivation, we did manage to keep everyone up and spry. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time (maybe a little too muchof a good time), and we are now well prepared for tomorrow since we have a broader scale of knowledge on what we are doing.

Diego: Definitely! Tomorrow we are gonna paint a mural, entertain kids, and finish painting chairs and tables, as well as cleaning cobwebs and finding out where that mysterious squeaking sound was coming from (I’m betting a mutated rat, personally). We will also be starting our final week of English tutoring! Also, Alexis just told me to write that he loves Spider-Man. Apparently it is a requirement for tonight’s blog or something. He really loves Spider-Man

Alexis and Diego: ¡Hasta luego!